Rules & Code of Conduct

Rules and Code of Conduct
To become a member of Grimsby Ice Hockey Club (GIHC) both you and a parent/guardian must agree to this document. You agree to abide by the rules and regulations contained within it. It is central to the smooth running of the club that all players and their families understand and respect these rules and regulations. 

Club Membership

1)      Prospective members must complete all necessary registration, application and payment forms, read and sign this document and ensure all relevant payments are made before their membership can be confirmed. Failure to complete this process may result in GIHC not registering the member.  Existing or previous members may sign the Player Registration List and this will have the same force as signing this document.

2)      The member agrees to keep their registration and subscription payments up to date. Access to the ice may be refused in default. Payment of subscriptions will be by standing order. This rule will be varied only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the club treasurer.

3)      No transfer documents to or from GIHC will be authorised until and unless a player’s liability to his outgoing club is cleared. Where the outgoing club is GIHC and the transfer request is made partway through the season the player must also pay an amount calculated as 50% of the remaining fees for the current season.

4)      Team strip issued to players remains the property of GIHC unless specified otherwise, in writing, by a club official.

5)      Ice schedules, fixtures and other details may change at short notice. Regularly check TeamApp for updated information.

6)      The EIHA operate a player registration system that can require a player to dual register and play-up for an older age group as well as their own. The EIHA term such a player as “nominated”. However, under the circumstances where there is a conflict between a league fixture belonging to the players registered age group and nominated age group, nominated players must play for the older team and are considered ineligible to play for their own age group. GIHC will only nominate players with the express consent of the player, the player’s parents/ guardians and the player’s age group coach.

Club Officials
The club is run by a committee, which is elected annually at the AGM. There are also managers, coaches and other officials linked to each team. They are all there to help you play and enjoy ice hockey. If you have any questions, please ask them. A list of managers and their contact details can be found on our website,


1)      As a member of GIHC you are an ambassador for the Grimsby Redwings, Grimsby Tornado & Grimsby Wolves. Take pride in your club and demonstrate your loyalty and commitment to it whenever and wherever appropriate. Never bring the club into disrepute. Behave in a responsible manner at all times when at the rink, when representing the club elsewhere and when in club clothing or strip.

2)      Dressing rooms must be left clean and tidy. The disposal of tape, cans and other rubbish is the responsibility of every member. Failure to keep dressing rooms in good condition will result in disciplinary action.

3)      Do not play with sticks, pucks, balls etc around the rink or in the car park.

4)      Misconduct on, and damage to, the rink’s premises may be dealt with by the Grimsby Ice Rink Management independently of the club. Members will be personally liable for any fines or reparations that become payable by the club as a result of damage they have caused.

5)      Serious on-ice offences will be dealt with by match officials. This could result in a player being suspended by the EIHA and the club being fined. In such cases, the player and/or their guardian will be responsible for paying the fine.

6)      Serious breaches of discipline include theft, fighting, bullying, swearing, dissent, smoking within the Leisure Centre, consuming alcohol or drugs, causing damage and bringing the club into disrepute by any other means. The club will not tolerate such behaviour at the rink or elsewhere when representing the club. This includes:

a.      on coaches to and from away fixtures,

b.      at service stations, other rinks, and

c.      in overnight accommodation at tournaments.

The penalties for such misconduct include suspension and instant dismissal from the club. Minor discipline issues will be dealt with by squad managers and/or coaches. Major issues or complaints against members are to be referred to the Discipline Sub-Committee. Members who believe they have been disciplined unfairly are entitled to a hearing by the committee in the presence of their parents or guardians.

7)      Use of Social Media regarding club issues. While the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) is encouraged to extend the enjoyment of the sport and promote the club, derogatory or negative comments on public social media sites is not in keeping with paragraph 1 above, and could bring the club into disrepute. Issues arising should always be raised with the team manager or club committee in the first instance.

Child Protection
GIHC considers Child Protection to be of paramount importance. The club has its own Child Protection Officer (CPO) through whom all club officials and coaches are vetted and subjected to Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks. If you wish to discuss child protection matters, please talk to the club CPO in complete confidence. To assist with child protection the following guidelines must be observed:

1)      Parents must not enter dressing rooms that are in use. Children must come out of the dressing room for assistance (i.e. to have skates tied), or ask their coach or manager for help.

2)      There should never be fewer than two coaches, managers or other club officials in a changing room where children are present.

3)      For the protection of valuables and to avoid potential child protection issues, mobile phones, cameras, personal stereos and all other valuables must NOT be taken into changing rooms. Neither the club nor the Leisure Centre will be held responsible for the loss of such items. The club reserves the right to temporarily confiscate such items from changing rooms. If there is no responsible adult available to look after valuables please ask your manager.

These guidelines are for the safety of both children and adults. They minimise the risk either of abuse or wrongly alleged abuse.

Training and games

1)      Training ice time is at a premium, so always be ready to take to the ice in plenty of time. Coaches may refuse access to any player who is late.

2)      On match days, players must be at the rink at least one hour before face off. This is to allow team officials sufficient time to accurately complete pre-match paperwork. Be considerate. Be there.

3)      Away fixture transport is included in subscription fees. Always be at the rendezvous point in plenty of time. When on the coach behave in an appropriate manner and follow instructions of the club officials or the coach driver. When making your own way to a fixture make sure your manager has a mobile phone number for you, and make sure you have theirs to stay in contact in case of delays. Always remember, better early than late.

4)      No train no game’. Players are expected to train regularly at scheduled times. Failure to attend practices may result in a player being excluded from games, at the coach’s discretion. If you expect to miss training for any reason, please update your team manager or coach.

5)      Where off-ice team clothing has been issued, members must wear it to and from club matches.

6)      Coaches will decide on the amount of ice time each player gets based on their assessment of the game, their tactics and judgement. Ice hockey is a team sport. The coach will decide how the match is conducted on behalf of the team, not the individual. Players may get more or less ice time than others. Parents and players alike must accept these variations. It is club policy to encourage the development of all players, but this does not extend to allocating equal ice time, either in specific matches or in general. If you have issues to raise in relation to on-ice matters please talk to your team manager, and not the coach. It is the manager’s responsibility to mediate on your behalf and the coach will respond either directly, or via the manager, at his discretion. Failure to abide by this rule may result in disciplinary action.

Fund Raising
Ice hockey can be an expensive sport to play. GIHC does everything possible to keep it affordable. Your monthly fees are calculated to ensure that every squad raises funds to cover the cost of home ice time, away matches, training aids and the annual award ceremony. Your manager will update you on what is expected of your squad. We aim to make fund raising projects as enjoyable as possible, so please enter into the spirit of this with enthusiasm.

Parental Participation
GIHC is run entirely on a not for profit basis with every task carried out by dedicated volunteers. The club is not a child minding service and we expect all parents to play their part in helping to run it. Whether selling raffle tickets, learning to operate the scoreboard, organising fund raising or compiling programmes, we’d like everyone to help out in some capacity. As a parent, if you’re not already helping, please talk to your manager and ask how you can. The more parents are involved, the stronger the club will be, and the better the on-ice experience members will have.

Responsible Adults
Whilst we rely on members observing the rules of the club, parents and family members also have a vital role to play. Please always bear in mind the following:

1)      Avoid forcing your child to participate in a sport. Remember that your child is playing for his/her enjoyment, not yours.

2)      Encourage your child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Support efforts to remove verbal abuse from children’s activities, within and beyond the sport.

3)      Teach your child that although it’s fun to win, trying hard and doing one’s best is more important.

4)      Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition. Always be constructive and offer encouragement. Don’t shout ‘at’ your child shout for them.

5)      Support your coach and team officials. They are dedicated volunteers who are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for your child.

6)      Remember that children learn by example. Applaud good play from both teams and never question the officials’ judgement or honesty.

7)      Please note that neither GIHC nor Grimsby Ice Rink can be held responsible for loss or damage to members’ equipment and possessions. You may wish to check your own insurance to arrange cover if required.

8)      Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, whether your child is on the ice or spectating.

Club Constitution
A copy is available on request.